On Page SEO: Guideline For Beginners

Do you know where the success of a Niche site depends most? In my opinion, it is definitely on page SEO. If the on page SEO of a site is not correct then it will be very hard to rank your site in search engine.

Why am I talking about this?

When you finish reading this text, you will understand it. So, read the text carefully.

What are the factors of on page SEO?

  1. Keywords
  2. Permalink / Article URL
  3. Meta descriptions
  4. URL Length
  5. Use of H-tags
  6. Use of keywords in articles
  7. External links
  8. Internal link
  9. Image Alter Tags
  10. Site UI / UX
  11. Responsive site
  12. Speed ​​optimization
  13. Secured Sockets Layer
  14. Engaging Article
  15. Article Quality
  16. Article structure
  17. Reading Friendly Article
  18. Article length
  19. Table of contents
  20. Rich content
  21. Keyword Variation
  22. Grammatical Problems in Articles
  23. I-Release Article

Let’s talk about these things now.

on page seo


Keywords are the main topic of the on page SEO. That’s the core of a website. It will focus on developing other things – article, article structure, interlink, outbound link … everything.

So this topic must be kept in mind in keyword selection/research. But since this article is not about keyword research, it is no longer being talked about here. Let me explain here how to use the keyword in the article.

There was a time when the more keywords used in an article, the better it was for ranking. The reason was that if an article had too much focus keywords, it would be considered over-optimized.

But after the Google Rank Brain update came out, this ratio system also became canceled. It turns out, Google is no longer targeting an article by focusing keywords. Now the rank system depends on the Audience’s demand/interest. So, writing will be straight forward and reader-friendly. This is call quality articles.

Permalink/Article URL

Article Permalink or URL must be SEO-friendly. Because the search engine bot reads it. Alter read the article search engine bot can understand about the writing. So it must be kept in mind.

Meta Descriptions

Google is now so smart that it no longer reads the meta descriptions provided by a plugin or any other article. No, that’s not it. Maybe reads, but doesn’t capture. Captures its own choice.

But will we not give a Meta description in an article?

We must give it to our article. Then let Google do whatever it takes. Because, Google can’t capture, but read the article certainly. So it has to be kept in mind. We will do our job perfectly.

URL Length

The URL also contains the domain name. Therefore, it should be kept in mind when buying a domain it should not be very long. Experts said that it is better to name the domain within 5 characters.

But my own experience is that it is better to put the keyword here. If your keyword is “Best shoe” then the full URL might be like this: https://yourdomain.com/ best-shoe /.

Use of H-tags

To arrange an SEO friendly article is very important. Especially if you’re the latest WordPress user, using the Gutenberg Editor can make the matter easier. 

The Use of Keywords in Articles

It is not necessary to use the keywords of that article in an article. This is only if the overall article indicates the keyword. That’s the best way. If you can do this smartly then your article will important to Google.

However, if anyone wants to use the keyword in the intro of an article. No interruptions. But of course, it is not right to use the keyword more than 2/3 times in an article. No matter how large your article!

External Links

Outbound links or external links are very important in an article. But it is important to keep in mind that the external links should be in authority sites like Wikipedia, Google Scholar or the US Research Center etc. And of course, keep this external authority link in do follow

Internal link

One of the most important things is the internal link. This is done by linking links to similar articles on the site. This increases the authority of the site easily. If following a specific category is interlinked to a specific rule, it has a different meaning – this is called silo.

Silos are made up of multiple rules. However, who can cleverly do that his site will be rank. 

If you do not internal link in your article, it will affect the rank. So, you have to do internal link. There are two ways you can do this:

  1. You can link to the info guide from Info article.
  2. Info and buying guides can link up to each other.

Image Alter Tags

It is a common issue. Many people make this mistake. They use the image but does not use the alter tag on it. It is very important to use alt tags. If you don’t do this, the search engine shows a lot of error.

Site UI/UX

Those who know about website development, they know about UI/UX. And those who study Deep Level with SEO, they should know about this.

UI means user interface and UX means user experience. The visual part of a website that we see is the interface of that website. If this interface or look is beautiful and attractive then the audience will attractive. And as much as the audience is attractive, the value of that website is high.

Responsive Site

If your niche site is powered by Word Press CMS(content management system), then your site is definitely responsive. Because all the WordPress themes are now designed in responsive design.

If the site is not responsive, it is not mobile optimized.


First, let me explain the responsive thing – Responsive is, no matter what device your site is open on, that device will show nicely. It will not be seen half and scroll half to the right and left.

Speed ​​Optimization

An important SEO factor is the speed of the site. If the speed of the site is not good, it will affect the ranking. That is why a good quality hosting site is needed. However, it is important to keep in mind that the speed of the site does not depend only on hosting. It depends on many more things.

So to increase the speed of a site, the speed of the site must be optimized. Such as keeping the text and code ratio accurate and optimize images. 

Secured Sockets Layer(SSL)

The simplest thing we call SSL is the full meaning Secured Sockets Layer. This is an SEO factor. So it is definitely best to have DV SSL or Positive SSL activated in your domain.

It should be noted that SSL is hosting related. Now, most hosting companies offer SSL free. So when buying a hosting, you should definitely check this.

Engaging Article

The first thing that comes up in the article is “Content is King“. So many people shout native. The matter is not native related. Suppose if I say about the Bengali language. Can all Bangladeshi write good Bengali? Most of the people write it with inaccurate grammar. 

Write article which type of article Audience like. So keeping this in mind, it is not too late to move your site positive. And the conversion rate will be very good.

Article Quality

Article quality is also important. But you should know first about quality.

It should be kept in mind that “Quality is better than quantity”.

Article Structure

The article structure is a very important thing. An informative article can easily rank in search engines. I wrote an article about “15 effective article writing tips”. You can read it.

Article Length

The length of the article is important to consider with your computer. It is better if the buying guide has 3000+ words and the informative articles have 700+ words.

The length of the article is not always important. It depends entirely on your selected keywords. Suppose your keyword does not contain such information. So, no need to write 5,000 words with that keyword. That’s it.


It is also important to provide keyword variations in articles, grammatical problems in articles and i-release articles and rich articles.

In next part we will discuss about off-page SEO.

Thank you so much for using your valuable time and staying with me. If you have any questions regarding the on page SEO, please comment in the comment box.

Thank you for reading this. It’ll be great if you share this article.

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