Off Page SEO: Guideline For Beginners

Off page SEO embodies any efforts taken outside of a website to improve its search engine rankings.

Link building is a big part of this, but it goes way beyond that.

Contents of Off Page Optimization:

  1.  Backlinking
  2.  Forum posting
  3.  Social bookmarking
  4. Yahoo Answers Backlinking
  5. Article Submission
  6. Article Writing
  7. Anchor text
  8. Blog Comment
  9. Video posting
  10. Image posting
  11. PDF submission
  12. RSS Submissions
  13. Review Site Submission
  14. Classified submissions
  15. Search engine submissions
  16. Directory submission
  17. Link Wheel
  18. Link Exchange
  19. Profile posting
  20. CSS submissions

What is Off Page SEO?

Another name for Offsite SEO is Off-Page SEO. Off-page SEO is known as the work done outside the website to get good ranking of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Off page SEO is done by submitting links on some of the popular platforms of the Internet, promoting websites.

Why Off Page SEO is Important?

Search engine algorithms and ranking elements change regularly. However, there is no chance of too much change in the work of off page. While the full extent of how the Google algorithm contributes to ranking a content is unclear, it is fair to say that content related to offsite helps to rank a site.

Link and Off page SEO:

Backlinks are called the life of off page SEO. Google checks backlinks to verify the quality of a content. Of the two content with equal backlinks, Google takes precedence over rankings.

Usually, there are two types of links. Ex:

  1. Natural links: When other websites or bloggers use the link to your content (on their site or social media or guest post), this type of link is called Natural Link. They do this because they think your content will benefit their readers.
  2. Self created links: When you try to create links on other websites, forums (such as comment backlinks, info graphics, guest posts, etc.), those types of backlinks are self-created links.

The Important Ways of Off Page SEO are Highlighted Below:

Private Blog Network (PBN) Backlinks:

PBN backlink is the most popular process for ranking a web site very quickly. However, it is very expensive! PBN is like Black hat SEO! Many people say it Gray Hat SEO! Your link building is White Hat or Black Hat will depend on your ability to backlink. It is possible to get Google Ranking within 3-4 months if you can link building properly.

PBN means some own blogging network! There are a few steps we need to take to create a PBN.

1. Expired domain purchase:

First, we need to find the expired domain to create the PBN. Before that, we should know what is the Expired domain? Many people buy a domain and don’t renew their website after a few years. These domains are sold on auctions. So, why we need expired domain? Expired domains have been running for several years since the web sites rank in that domain! Rank means I understand Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). Expired domain name may not be PA! Because the domain may not have a web site for many days. There are many paid tools to search for an expired domain. Among them, is very popular.

The GoDaddy auction is very good inside the free tools. After visiting the site, you will receive a search box. When you search with your niche related keyword, you will find the domain to the bottom. On the right sight, you will find the advanced search option which basically will be useful for filtering to find the domain names we need.

2. Website creation and content publishing:

Once the domain is purchased, you will have to buy the hosting. You must ensure that each site has a different IP address when purchasing hosting. After creating the website, you have to do on-page SEO and publish some content. You can do Off page SEO if you want.

3. Link Building:

After publishing web sites, natural link building needs to be done. You can get 1-2 backlinks to your money site from one web site and it will not be ok to take more than 2 links from one post. Suppose you have 10 pbn web site and you have given 20 backlinks to your money site in a day.

This is not a natural backlink. Instead, you can create 1-2 backlinks after some days.

First, there is a backlink to the guest post for your Money site. Then the post that the backlinks posted on a permalink/link on the PBN site.

Another important thing is to add links to some of the best high-quality websites on your PBN sites as well as your money sites.

There is no need for thousands of link building to get your money site ranked. Always keep in mind the quality link building, not the quality!

Web 2.0:

Web 2.0 Website means those websites that have full control over the content and backlinks of the sites and are completely free. Sites like Blogger, Word, Tumblr, Here the link building process is very simple. However, the basic link building strategy should be kept in mind.

First of all, you need to register your Nash relate under different names and emails so that Google does not realize that you own all the sites. Then a website publishes content like that, on-page, off-page SEO.

When your Web 2.0 sites rank fairly, then natural link building should be backlinked in the same way as the natural link building mentioned on the PBN site. The biggest advantage of Web 2.0 backlinks is that these sites have very high domain authority (by default). Currently, if you can take some backlinks well from Tumblr, good results are available quickly.

List of 10 Best web 2.0 Sites (With Domain Authority):

Document Sharing Backlinks:

Document sharing is a very simple backlink building process. There are many websites online that allow you to share your own document such as slides, pdfs, videos.

The first thing you need to do is create some documents related to your Nash. That could be a slide or a pdf. Now upload it to the document sharing site, beautifully describe it in the description and give your site link. is a great web site for sharing documents.

You must have a Linkedin account to sign up here. You can share your slide or PDF here by signing in.

In the case of link building, one must keep in mind, never copy the content of someone else and publish it on another site. Whether it is partial or complete.

List of 10 Best Document Sharing Sites (With Domain Authority):

SL Domain Name Domain Authority
1 95
2 95
3 90
4 84
5 84
6 72
7 72
8 60
9 86
10 59

Guest Posting Backlinks:

What is Guest Post?

There are many online sites that post good quality authors to the site and put an option on the site called “Write For Us”, that is, write for them.

However, on this site you can not enter your content if you want. Because this “Write For Us” page has some rules. You have to comply with them.

How to Write a Guest Post?

To be a successful guest blogger, you must write good content or blogs. Your text should be written with the following topics in mind.

1. You need to be proficient in what you write.

2. Your guest post needs to be likes, shares and comments.

3. You should put your name and link to your site in your post.

Why do Guest Posting?

The backlinks that you create through guest posts will increase the value of your blog on search engine result pages over time and your blog will be easily found through Yahoo, Bing and others.A special part of guest posting is to showcase your thematic skills by visiting different communities so that you can get to know new people who will play a key role in increasing your site visits.

Forum Posting:

What is Forum Posting?

Forum posting is a strategy of off-page SEO. And one of the important strategies of off-page is to create a backlink. Which helps increase your website’s ranking. But the main purpose of the forum is to present quality information, quality information will help you get quality backlinks.

Here are some rules for posting a forum:

  1. The information you provide needs to be relevant and informative to the topic being discussed.
  2. You may be banned from these forums if you do not have the relevant links in the link provided, as they cannot be spammed and are considered very good in their privacy policy.
  3. Links should be posted in general discussions without posting a direct link.

Broken Links:

Broken Link is said to be the backlink of Bible. The Broken Link is defined as, suppose you have a health-related site. Site name, You write content for the site, and as an external link in the content Topics add 1 or 2 links to another site. But after a few months, the site became inactive (or the site changed its link). When a visitor tries to visit that site from your site, the link will show the T404 ERROR. And that’s call Broken Link (Death Link).

That is, any links that appear in external links to a site’s 404 ERROR are referred to as Broken Links or Death Links.

Finding Broking Links:

First of all, there are extensions or tolls to find the Death Link or Broking Link. Such as; Broken link checker, Check My Link etc. The first one, however, is more appealing to me. Because it not only says the number of the Broken Link, it also identifies it.

First you want to link back to the site, go to the target page of that site. Then you can find the Broken link just by extension (click). The link and the link to your site (the link for which you want a backlink) will be mailed to the site. Definitely mention the details.

Significance of Broken Link:

The importance of this link is not less than other links, but a little higher. Which site will you find the Broken Link? Of course, your site related to the search engine will stay on the search engine fart page. And there are thousands of these sites on a regular basis. Imagine once you get backlinks to those sites, how will your site visitor!

Not only that, if you try Wikipedia or Wikihow you can also build this link on a site. However, to get the link here, you have to be very skilled and intelligent.

Thank you so much for using your valuable time and staying with me. If you have any questions regarding on off page SEO, please comment in the comment box.

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