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What is Keyword Research? Today, we will know why and how to do keyword research. Hey guys, I know you’ve made a blog and write regular articles on it. But, traffic or visitors are not coming to your blog in that way. So what Am I right?

The main reason for this is, “Do not keyword research before writing an article”. And, even if you are not doing it properly.

65% of people don’t know about it and how to use it. And so, they get fewer visitors from search engines. And, in some cases, the traffic is not coming at all.

Remember, in your blog article, keyword research and using the right words or sentences related to the topic or topic, that article increases the chance of getting free traffic or visitors from Google and other search engines. And, many bloggers have success using this process or medium.

So guys, now we will discuss these topics –

  1. What is Keyword Research?
  2. Why is it important to do keyword research before writing a blog article?
  3. How to do keyword research?

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a process that we can use to search for the most searched words, sentences or queries in the Google search engine.

These phrases or queries that people search in Google search are called search terms. And, through research keyword, we can find some popular search terms for our articles.

Lastly, finding popular and more searched Google search terms we can add or use our article content to get better rank from search engine to high traffic and search engine. And, that’s a successful blogger is doing.

It is a major and very important part of SEO (search engine optimization). Without researching the targeted keyword for articles, it is never possible to do SEO properly.

Keyword research is the first step to optimizing any website or blog for a keyword. It is very important that you research the keyword competition high or low, whether the keywords that are targeting the keyword and the keywords you are writing in the blog are profitable, how much traffic comes in the month.

Benefits of Keyword Research

First and foremost, “Without proper keyword research, proper SEO is not possible”. Because if you are writing an article and you want free traffic from Google search, then only those keywords in the search term will be able to rank your article in search engine.

There are some benefits of keyword research:

  1. If you research and use of keywords and search terms related to the article before writing all the articles or blog posts, then more search traffic will be available from the search engine.
  2. The more keywords your blog articles rank on google, then the domain authority of your website will increase.
  3. By doing it you will find many new and useful article ideas.
  4. It will bring a lot of traffic or visitors to your blog from the search engine. And, from search engines, hope will be earning the most from Google Adsense and affiliate marketing through traffic or visitors.
  5. By Keyword Research you target or optimize blog articles for some useful search terms, words, sentences or queries.
  6. By this, the highly searched and low competition keywords can be found that will get a lot of traffic from the search engine by targeting and writing articles.

How to do Keyword Research?

You will need to use some of the online SEO tools to do research keyword. Most of these are paid tools that won’t let you work for free. Such as –

You have to pay to use the above tools. But by using these you will be able to do research keyword in a very accurate way.

But, there are some free online keyword research tool that you can use to know all about a keyword or a search term.

How many searches are on Google (search volume), competition is more or less, how many searches are done in any place and you can search here keywords of any language.

The name of this free tool is – Google keyword planner. If you have a Google or Gmail account you can log in here and use the tool. Google relies on it to be its official tool and will give you accurate information on Google search.

Lastly, if you write articles with keywords that have a monthly search volume above 300 and competition low, you will get a lot of traffic from Google search.

You can also use Ubersuggest. This tool is like Google keyword planner. If you have a Google or Gmail account you can log in here and use the tool.

What is the Main Purpose of Keyword Research on the Blog?

The purpose of writing an article through keyword research is to search Google for the topic of keyword or search term we are writing the article, or we are writing the article but there is no search on the search engine.

And second, the keywords we’re targeting are highly competitive. If we do, our articles will be far behind than others, making it almost impossible to get traffic.

That’s why, using the google keyword planner, you’ll be able to know all about your targeted keywords for free, and you’ll also get a sense of how much traffic your blog can generate from Google on your blog.

So, you should research a keyword before writing any article on the blog. For this, you get good results. Traffic or visitors to your blog will increase more than ever before.

Thank you so much for using your valuable time and staying with me. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to drop me below. I will definitely help you through the comments. Thanks.

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