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Five Easy Way To Earn Money From a Blog

Some years ago, writing stories, poems, and essays was quite difficult to reach people, very few writers get the chance to print in big magazines and it has a problem with sales. And the income from this writing? That chance will match the lucky ones. However, the situation has changed rapidly, blogging has come from the Internet. A blog is an easy way to reach people with your thoughts, writing, and pictures. Readers are also ready to write regularly. And yes this blog can become your source of income.

The way is near the hand. You have to know few simple ways, and then your blog will be your way of earning in your future.

Now i will discuss here Five Easy Way to Earn Money from a Blog. So let’s start.

blog,blogging,earn money,marketing,digital marketing,seo,sem,smm

1. Release Advertising:

This is the easiest and most common way. If you are thinking about earning from your blog for the first time then this is the way to choose. Blogging is a popular way of earning advertising from all over the world and is equally popular in our country. How it works – Advertise on your blog, if the reader clicks on the ad then you will get a commission.

How to use it on your blog?

1. First, select an ad network. The most popular ad network for both bloggers and advertisers is Google’s AdSense. There are other networks like BidVertiser, Infolinks.

 2. Apply to be an ad publisher on your preferred network. Your bank account, along with other information, will also have to provide details on where the commission money will be sent, so keep that details in mind.

3. If your application is approved you will be mailed notification from the advertising network.

4. Then you will be sent an ad code that you will publish on your blog. You can publish it to your liking, as you can place it in the middle of the writing or in the bar next to the text.

5. Within two hours of placing the ad code on your blog, it will be posted to your blog by the ad network and the ad will be displayed on your blog.

6. When your readers click on the ad, the money will be credited to your account.

How much money you can get?

Earnings can range from 0.01$ to $ 1 per click. This income depends on the content of your blog, because the ads are based on the content of the blog. The amount of your income depends on how many people are clicking the ad.

How to earn more revenue?

Try to find out where the advertising on your blog will get the most readership and encourage them to click. Fix the type of ad as well. Just as in a blog, more ads are clicked with pictures and on any other blog, more ads are written readers.

2. Affiliate Marketing 

This way can be quite for good income. You need to promote a product or service by writing a blog. Be careful about choosing a product or service. You have to understand what your readers may want to buy. That’s why research and analysis is needed. Be careful when promoting, readers may come to your blog to read your articles, and they may be annoyed when you see a product or service promotion all the time.

How it works?

Writing a link to a product or service will publish your blog. You will receive a commission when the reader clicks on that link or buys it.

How to use it on your blog?

1. First select which product or service you want to market. Some of the most popular affiliate networks are Clickbank, OMG India, Trootrac media. Also, companies like Flipkart or Amazon have the opportunity to be directly involved as a marketing affiliate.

2. Fill out the application form by visiting the preferred website. At the time of application, you may need to know what strategies and procedures you have set for marketing.

3. Most websites will decide within 24- 72 hours whether your application was accepted. Once the application is accepted, you can log in to your affiliate account and select the appropriate link for your blog. After adding the appropriate link or ad to your blog, see if it works properly.

4. You are now ready to earn as an affiliate. Then whenever anyone click on that link or buy a product or service you will get a commission from it.

3. Sell ​​Your Product:

The most stable way to sell your products with the help of a blog. In this case it is possible to have the most control over income. Since the product design, pricing, marketing is done entirely by the blogger himself, income also depends on him.

How it works?

Create a product or service that suits your skills. Then sell it through the blog.

How to use it on your blog?

1. Create a product or service by hand or with someone. You can create digital products like ebooks, videocourse or books, cookies, etc.

2. Determine the price of the product or service. Decide how the product will be delivered to the buyer, whether in a courier or post or if the buyer has to come and collect it himself. Determine the method of collecting the sales price, PayPal, Cash, Check, Sending money directly to the bank, choose the method most convenient for both you and the buyer.

3. Add a landing page to the blog, describe the product you created there, write details about the product, its usefulness, add buy button.

4. Promote your product beyond your readership to others. Use media like social media, email marketing or AdWords.

5. Sell your product and earn from it.

How much money you can earn?

It has no upper limit. The price, the price of the product is everything you decide, better product will sell more and the income from it.

How to earn more revenue?

Analyze readers’ needs, create products that your readers are inspired to buy.

4. Freelance Through The Blog:

Just because you are blogging means that you must have some knowledge and experience on a subject. For example, if you want to make good cakes, or draw, promote your skills on the blog and get freelance work. Suppose you have no such experience, you can earn it only through blogging tips. You will find that many are consulting you with money, which you have come up with for free.

How it works?

You can work as a consultant to the best of your ability or work on a specific project.

How to use it on the blog?

1. Write briefly what you can do as a freelancer, write down why one will give you work, where you are ahead of others and give contact number.

2. Tell your readers what you want to do, make them interested, tell them about your skills to their family and friends. Since they already read your blog and are aware of your skills, they will be easily interested.

3. In your blog, you can express your experience in other media such as social media, advertising etc.

4. When taking a project, finish it professionally. Earn from your blog.

How much money you can earn?

income depends on your knowledge and skills. If you can work very efficiently and adapt to complex projects then income will increase.

5. Publish Direct Ads On The Blog:

One of the most effective ways to earn money from a blog is to talk to a company directly on its advertising blog. This time you can advertise without leaving Adnetwork, increasing income. You are also deciding what type of advertisement to place and how much you pay for it, so you have control. But in some cases this method works very well but in many cases it is not effective at all.

How does it work?

When you publish the ad on the blog, you get paid whenever someone clicks on that ad. Or monthly or weekly prices can be charged, where the income does not depend on the reader’s click.

How to use it on your blog:

1. Decide where to place the ad on the log. You can place the ad anywhere in the header, footer, sidebar or text.

2. Create a page detailing what to do to advertise on your blog. Write down who your readers are, what you write about, and the value of advertising on your blog. You can set different prices for different blogs, such as in the header, you may have set a higher price and less in writing. Specify your phone number or e-mail ID.

3. Register your blog on the Monetization Network. Through this network, you can reach many advertisers.

4. Often, the advertiser wants to settle the issue by negotiating the price. When it comes to pricing, advertise and get paid.

How much income you can make?

Since you decide the price, the amount of income is up to you. If increasing the number of readers, then increase your income.

These five are the most common ways to earn a blog. You need to be very careful when choosing products. And the more you have to work to create regular readers of the blog, the more the number of regular readers will be able to generate income.

Thank you so much for using your valuable time and staying with me. If you have any questions regarding blogging, please comment in the comment box.

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