About Me

This is Salman Rahman, an SEO Expert and a Digital Marketer in Bangladesh. I am not an SEO Expert by talents but my continuous learning and striving for the last 2 years in Online Marketing Arena made me confident and helped me to take my Internet Marketing knowledge to the next level.

During my lifespan, I am an Electrical and Electronic Engineer. I grew up in a village but quickly adopted in different difficult phases of life and survived and became confident about my skill-sets after countless failures and investing countless hours of on learning and money on buying websites and Digital Marketing tools.

From cheats to clowns to priests, almost everyone makes money online. So do I. But I don’t feel proud of that money at all. Rather, changing people’s lives is what I am very moved by. I love changing lives. I believe that everyone (Beginner in Online Marketing) will be benefited from this website.